Using Photon PUN2 and Photon Chat Together?



I am trying to create a real-time multiplayer battle game for iOS and Android using Unity. To do so, I have imported Photon PUN2 from the Unity Asset Store. Photon Chat was also included in the import, along with a demo.

I would like to use PUN2 and Photon Chat together, but I have a few questions:

1、Do I need to create separate IDs for RealTime and Chat in the Dashboard even though I set the AppID in "PhotonServerSettings"?D

2、Regarding UDP rejection during Apple submission, it is confirmed that RealTime uses UDP for the sake of speed, but I believe Chat can use either UDP or TCP. However, it seems that I cannot set separate protocols for RealTime and Chat in PhotonServerSettings. I am concerned that if I set UDP for RealTime, it may lead to rejection during Apple submission. Do you have any information on this?