Improve latency in VR with real movements


Hello, I am making a game in VR (Unity) for Meta Quest 2. It is developed locally on an intranet. I have installed Photon Server on a PC with the master game, and each Quest 2 with its game. Everything is going well, the problem is that sometimes the game slows down, it shoots and the shot takes time to reach the enemies. Or you physically move and in the master it takes time to refresh that movement, so the other player doesn't see it in the place it should.

What can be?

In Unity we have it configured as UDP , with the ip of the master server.

And in Photon Server, we activate Photon Control and run the LOADBALANCING(MYCLOUD) application.

Thank you so much.


  • chvetsov

    hi, @RobertoM

    well, I did not really get your environment. Do you have something else installed on your server along Photon? If yes, than that stuff can cause the issue. if no, than check your client.

    Photon it self is proven to work quite well. The only issue that hits developers is DEBUG logging that is active by default for server sdk. you have to switch it off on game server. to do so you need to open file deploy/LoadBalancing/GameServer/bin/log4net.config and use INFO for 'root' logger