Creating a port to Unity

Hey everyone,
We want to create a port in Unity for our project - and I was wondering, is there an easier way to map all the operations and events?
What I mean is - we already have all the operation request/responses and events defined in the server (With the DataMember attributes, etc) - and we want to reuse that code so if I send a "PlayerMove" operation response from the server to the client - Unity has that class already and loads all the data into it.

Is this even possible?



  • Tobias
    It's possible.
    In the end, all operations, responses and event classes on the server just use attributes to define key-codes for their values.
    We use reflection in the server to map Hashtable content to those attributed fields and vice versa.

    We couldn't support this on all client platforms though (AS3 and others), so we decided against this workflow on the client side. This way, the client side API can have similar workflows while only the server is something different.