Instructions not clear on Oculus Authentication

Hi, pirating is starting to become a problem with my game. I'm looking into adding Photon Pun 2 Authorization for Photon Oculus. My game is built in Unity 2020.

The problem for me is that there's no clear instruction on the photon website on how to properly implement it step-by-step.

Where exactly would I place the OculusAuth script? A blank game object? And where? My very first scene only? On all scenes? Only when connected to Master? It gives you a script but doesn't specify what to do with this script and where to put it.

What am I supposed to do with the Authenticate portion at the end? Where and how would I implement that?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. TIA


  • All you need to do is to make sure the script runs before you connect to Photon servers and authenticate there. It does not really matter on which GO or script this is done...

    Once your users are authenticated on Oculus, you can use that on Photon to grant access to the online part of your app (or not).

    Not sure where you are lost...

  • TwistedBarrelGames
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    This is where I am lost...

    Do you have any examples or resources that show an OculusAuth script fully connecting and authenticating?

  • TwistedBarrelGames
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    I am able to generate a nonce and an oculusID after inputting my credentials. But receive this error after connecting to Photon.

    The above lines are placed before connecting to Photon on Start();

  • That looks as if the config for Authentication URL is somehow wrong or as if our servers can't reach yours.

    If that could not be fixed yet, mail us to: [email protected] We'd need to know your AppId and so on.