Photon Fusion Headless server Issue

I am making the headless server of photon fusion with Amazon EC2 instance virtual machine, but my client is not connecting to server build that is on virtual machine Amazon, but in local host works fine, when i connect to specific port, its not working


  • hi, @arshadbhatti05

    I do not know how did you setup your server. port 27015 is not official one that we use by default

    usually, first you have to do in this case is checking that your server is available from your machine. use something like telnet to check whether port(s) are accessible.

    Second you have to provide me info about on what stage your client got stuck

    Third, please do not forget to update Nameserver.json so that it returns new non localhost address for master and update in GameSrever.xml.config PublicIPAddress so that master returns you correct GameServer address