Do I have to use Serialize to update position/rotation?

carmine ✭✭
I am writing a game where multiple players control one spaceship.

The captain might create the ship (with photon.instantiate)... however the Helm's guy actually flies it.

I'm having some problems where if the driver is on a different computer it gets really weird. So.. instead of using serialize, can I use my own method and just send periodic updates of position/rotation using RPCs? Or do RPCs have way to much overhead to be sent 10x or more a second?

Also, what is the recommended frequency to send updates (10x a second, etc.)



  • I doubt you gain anything by replacing OnSerialize with RPCs.
    RPCs have more overhead than OnSerialize and if you call them in intervals, they just behave like the other.

    When you write a script for OnSerialize you should be able to do anything you do in RPCs, so the problem must be solved some other way. Maybe you can smooth out movement or something?