Missing component and settings


hello, new to photon, VR, unity and anything related. I'm following a video tutorial (https://youtu.be/DB5bajOMdUQ) on how to set up the multiplayer, but I do not have the component photon voice network, and also at 23.45 in the video, when i add photon voice view i don't get any options, unlike the video shows, as seen in the picture. Any help would be amazing!!


  • vadim


    There are breaking changes in Voice v2.50.

    PhotonVoiceNetwork was replaced with PUNVoiceClient. PhotonVoiceView's options had been moved to PUNVoiceClient. Please see Assets\Photon\PhotonVoice\changes-voice.txt for a complete list of changes.

    Although the list is quite large, we tried to keep the number of changes required for migration of old projects as small as possible. So tutorial may be still useful if you adjust it accordingly while doing it.