Callback for notifying player


I'm working on a scrabble-like game's matchmaking.

  • If player doesn't want to wait until she finds an opponent to play with (opened room), she can start offline game with bots. 🤖🤖🤖(no room is created)
  • While playing against bots, I want to notify her when there is a room ready to play with, so she can decide to join 🔔
  • I can easily notify her when a new room is created with the "OnRoomListUpdate" callback ✔️
  • But I also want to notify her when a room becames "opened" = when the game just ended in a room and the next game is about to start in the same room 🤔 How to do that?

The possible solutions I can think about:

A) Close the room, open a new one and make the players to join it. (This way "OnRoomListUpdate" will be called for sure)

B) Make a custom room property (e.g. isOpened) and somehow notify the player who is only in the lobby when it changed - as I understood this is not really possible?

What do you think, what would be the best approach here? Thanks a lot!