Disconnect by timeout during Debug

chvetsov mod
edited December 2010 in Photon Server
Hi, there!

During debug when program stays at breakpoint longer than MaximumTimeout Photon Engine drops connection. How to prevent this?

We are using Photon 2.2.2. Connection established over TCP/IP



  • Tobias
    This can't be prevented at the moment.
    We will take a look at it but it might well be that we can't change it due to the way the framework runs. I'm not sure though.
    As workaround: You could work more with trace points (just print something). You would get the info needed and have the program running.
  • chvetsov
    In previus Photon version we setted big timeout ~ 5 minuts and that was enough. But last version restricks timeout to 1 minuts. Can this restriction be removed?
  • Tobias
    You can set a timeout for TCP connections as "InactivityTimeout" attibute to the TCPListener node in the config. It should not be restricted to 1 minute then.
    More options are described in the photon-configuration.pdf (in server SDK in /doc).