Which voice should I choose between Photon and Playfab ?



I integrate playfab and photon according to this tutorial :

But it seems that photon voice is not working when I integrate playfab with it .

(I got this error  [ERROR] [PunVoiceClient] [VoiceManager] Operation 226 response error code 32750 message Join failed: UserId '********' already joined the specified game (JoinMode=1).)

Am I gonna get bugs if I don't use this integration to be able to use photon voice ?

Or should I go with this integration and use Playfab voice ?


  • vadim


    Did you try to join an empty room? The error states that a player with the same name is already in the room. I do not see how this can be a Playfab integration bug.

    Note that when using PUN/Voice integration, 2 different clients are used, each with its own appid. PUN client authenticates independently from voice client. So there is nothing voice specific in your error.