Photon Voice classic & Hololens 2 issues


I am working on setting up voice- chat with Photon for my Hololens 2 Unity app .

Unity Version - 2019.4.28f

Photon Classic Version - 1.23.0

This is my current situation- I was able to make the Voice chat work when running the Hololens app in the Unity Editor, and my voice is being transmitted to the other photon players who are using a desktop app connected to the same room .

When running the app in the Hololens [ARM-64 build] however, the voice is not being transmitted. The rest of the functionality of photon networking seems to be working fine.

Can someone help me with what I can do to resolve this issue? Is there a way to resolve it without upgrading the Photon to Photon 2 and Photon Voice 2 ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Any suggestion/advice would be very helpful to me.


  • Sorry but Hololens 2 support is only provided for Voice 2 and Photon Industries Circle members.

  • Narendra
    edited January 2023

    Thank you for your response Tobias. 👍️ I will contact the support team regarding the Voice 2 and Photon Industries Circle membership.