MMO on photon server

I started a way in unity to make an MMO and I want to use photon server for this. I have a few questions.

1. Using Photon services, there is a maximum of 16 people in a room. When I host it using a server, can there be 500 people in a room (assuming the system is sufficient)

2. I want to create global events for the game on the photon server, is there a way to do it without writing my special codes on the server side?

3. Should I do all my database connections with webRPC and host it on the server where the server is, or should I set up a separate server? (I need suggestions for this)

Thanks in advance.


  • hi, @Abysmall

    1. Yes you can handle 500 but remember that some of LoadBalancing code is 'byte' based. MaxPlayers is an example of this. So, you have to update this part. Plus depending on activity of players you have to use interest area management to reduce noise
    2. Photon is only about communication inside the game. everything else is for your choice
    3. it is up to you too. Use approach what ever you like we do not imply any limits