Do the License Terms apply to those not using a License?

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It may seem self-explanatory, but I was wondering if Photon's License Terms ( apply to those using Photon without a License?

Under Photon's Licenses page, it states that you are totally free to run Photon without a license, up to a 20 CCU limit. This is more than enough CCUs per server for the game I am currently working on, since it's a non-commercial student project. But part of our student project requires us to allow our users to make their own local servers, which means distributing a free, license-less version of Photon's SDK. I was just wondering if, by using Photon, we were still restricted by the license terms?


  • Hey Jacob,

    yes, they apply to all Exit Games products.
    Also it seems the difference between Photon Server and Photon Cloud is not quite clear.

    Photon Server:
    you host your own Photon Server (usually with server logic) and need a license file to run it. License files can be downloaded here: . There we provide you with a 100 CCU free license and an unlimited CCU 30 day trial license (the second mainly for the purpose of load testing).

    Photon Cloud:
    we host a Photon Server for you (no server logic atm) and you can connect to it using an application Id. For each of these application IDs there is a free plan including 20 CCU. You can manage your applications (create new ones, subscribe to paid plans, ...) here:

    Hope this helps.

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