EU server is down. Can you please fix it?


I noticed that the EU server is down. When I try to connect to that server I see the following error message in the logs

Wrong game server used to create/join game

I do not get this error when I try to connect to the US server. What is more interesting is that I have this issue only on the web version of my app. My mobile version is connecting to the EU server without any issue.

Thank you


  • Any news? The EU server is still down!!

  • are you verify, your whitlist server ?

  • Same error here!

  • @Homertimes yes.

    I used to have only "eu" in my whitelist server, but now I added "us" in that list.

    So, the following one works:


    but, this


    does not work.

    This is from web not mobile client.

    @Kaiserludi can you please help me with this one?

  • Based on the js code, I connect to the following urls/ports:

     this.masterServerAddress = "wss://";

     this.nameServerAddress = "wss://"

  • Hi @Vasilis.

    The EU-servers are not down. They work just fine for others. So I assume that there is a problem somewhere in your Client code.

    You have posted your question in the 'native' category of the forum.

    However your code indicates that your question is actually about the JavaScript client, so I will move the thread into the 'JavaScript' category.

    The code snippets that you have provided look fine to me, so the issue must be caused by something else.

    I ask our JS expert to jump in.


    Please take over.

  • @Kaiserludi @vadim

    I have not changed my code. I just started getting this error sometime in December.

    As I wrote in my first post, the problem occurs only when I connect to the EU server, not when I connect to the US server. Thus, I believe that there is a problem with the EU server

  • The current nameserver address is wss://

    You can set it with lbc.setNameServerAddress(addr) call before connecting. But wss:// still works in my tests.

    Please send the appid and a short description of the issue to [email protected]

  • @vadim I just send the email.

    Shall I change the url in the JS code?

    But, if the url is the problem, why don't I have any problem when I connect to the US server?

  • In theory both addresses should work for all regions. In the next SDK release, the new address will be used by default. So changing it now in your code won't hurt.

    Thanks for the email. We are checking the issue.

  • Hi @vadim,

    I tried the new URL, but nothing. I am still getting the same error code.

    I am using the Photon-Javascript_Emscripten_SDK.js

  • vadim
    vadim mod
    edited January 12

    Can you try to reproduce this with demo-loadbalancing from SDK package? Both Emscripten and JS clients work for me with your appid.

    Or provide a simple repro project.

  • Hi @vadim,

    I got a response to my email. They explained to me the situation. They problem is solved, for now

    Thank you

  • Great. But it's still not clear why I could not reproduce this. Do you use the latest v4.1.1.4 SDK version?