Photon Bolt unexpected msgType 5



I have a problem with Photon Bolt in Unity3D Recently Unity had some issues and forced me to delete "Library" folder in the project and reimport all assets.

After that when I build my game and try to test online I have following issue:

Player 1 starts online gameplay, creates room and waits for Player 2 to join him. When player 2 joins it lasts about 2-3 seconds before both host and client get message "Client was disconnected from Photon Cloud" and both are kicked out of the room. This issue happens only on first try. After both players are kicked out of the room and try everything again it works flawlessly.

Also the host got 2 times message "unexpected msgType 5". I found on forum that it might be issue with ChangeGroups. I am not sure if it is the issue in my case, but I wanted to give it a shot, but on forum someone wrote "this can be done in GameServer.xml.config section Photon/GameServer/Limits/Inbound/Operations/ChangeGroupsRate" but I cannot find it anywhere...




  • Ok, I have an update:

    Tests showed that somehow on first try host instead of receiving event

    "recv event [NetworkPartyProfilesReceivedEvent PacketId=f861b598-6677-492e-8cd6-02fc93cf19ea]"

    is showing message as stated above:

    "unexpected msgType 5"

    I am sure that information is sent from client exactly the same in both situations, but still no idea why I got this unexpected message