send/receive file functionality


I would like to ask if there is any function or logic to send a file between clients? let's say image or video file?



  • For file transfers you better use a webhost and send the URL for download.
    That way you can also handle redownload etc properly.

    Photons low latency UDP networking is not optimal for it and the impact on the latency and experience of other users is remarkably unless you have an absolutely overspeced server machine to cover for the 'network spam flood'
    As a matter of facts if you congest the pipeline due to the amount of data, you will simply drop out of the connection.
  • OIC, thanks for your advise!

    In fact, I am trying to develop an Whatsapp alike application. And in addition to text messaging, I want also the image and video exchange capability between clients. Does this make sense?
  • yupp
    in that case you need a webservice anyway to store it for later retrieval ... you would then only send the URL to the image / audio for download