How to ensure AEC and AGC on both Windows and Android (Quest)?

Since PV v2.50 introduced additional settings on the Recorder component for Android, I'm having trouble working out the correct way to configure Recorder + WebRTCAudioDSP so that I can have echo-cancellation and automatic gain control on both Android (Meta Quest) and Windows from the same project.

My goal is to have hardware AEC on Android, and software AEC on Windows.

I've looked through the WebRTCAudioDSP source and doesn't appear to catch the case where AEC and AGC are already toggled ON in Recorder. So wouldn't both run and potentially fight each other?

What's the recommended course of action? I looked through the release notes for 2.50 but there isn't guidance on this specific use case.


  • We provide RecorderPreset script which overrides some of Recorder settings per platform. You can apply multiple instances of this script to Recorder's object. Or use it as a base for your own implementation.