WebGL Stuck at ConnectingToNameServer


Hi, I am using Realtime on Unity for a cross platform game. I have it working on Standlaone, Android and iOS but I am stucking at ConnectingToNameServer on WebGL.

this is the conexion I am doing

    this.client.ConnectUsingSettings(new AppSettings()


        AppIdRealtime = SocialSecrets.RealtimeID,

        AppVersion = "webGL",

        NetworkLogging = DebugLevel.ALL,


And this is the stack trace I get:

WebGL requires WebSockets. Switching TransportProtocol to WebSocketSecure.

IPhotonSocket.Connect() ns.photonengine.io:19093 this.Protocol: WebSocketSecure

PeerCreated -> ConnectingToNameServer


And thats all, as I said I have it working on other platforms so ir should be some configuration I miss.

Did I have to configure something on the player settings? Do I have to configure something on the server side?



  • Tobias

    The PhotonClientWebSocket is not a class supported by Unity on WebGL.

    In the Realtime SDK for Unity, you should find the WebSocket folder and in it a WebSocket-sharp.dll, a JS library and other files. Those are needed to run on WebGL.

  • Thanks for the reply! I had the files, so the problem was different.

    I created an assembly reference for the entire Photon folder and it seems that the webShockets are created using a string with the assembly reference, so when I encapsulated the entire folder I modified that reference.

    For anyone with the same problem, just create 2 assembly references, one for Realtime and one for Chat as in the PUN package.