HUGE BUG, after player respawns, bullet shoots from another player

Currently I've just implemented a respawn system in my game, what I do is I just call the my spawn() method on the player who dies, what's happening now is after the player dies, it shoots it's bullet from another player's GO??

I've added this in my shoot method

        if (owner.isPlayerOurs)

Before any player dies, it debugs this in the console for only that player who shoots. Lets use player 1 and 2

If player 1 kills player 2, player 2 respawns after 5 seconds, when it tries to shoot, bullet is instantiated from player 1. BUTTT nothing is debugged in player 1's console. I also check the bullet in the hierarchy and it displays player 1 as it's owner, instead of player 2, but nor player 1 or 2 has nothing debugged in it's console, if player 1 shoots normally, it will work properly and 'Shooted' is debugged in player 1's console

I checked the photonView's and there correct for each player.

How is this happening, there's really no explanation.