Photon closes the room after connecting the players without reason. ReturnCode: 32764 (Game closed).


When I tested my application with a small number of players (1-5 players), everything works impeccably. But as soon as the players continue to room (5-10 players) the photon close room and the players cannot connect. Photon disconnects with the error: ReturnCode: 32764 (Game closed).

My room options:

var options = new RoomOptions();

options.MaxPlayers = 32;

options.PublishUserId = true;

options.IsOpen = true;

options.IsVisible = true;

options.PlayerTtl = 1;

options.EmptyRoomTtl = 1;

bool room = PhotonNetwork.JoinOrCreateRoom("MY_ROOM_NAME", options, null);

I have a dedicated photon server with a free license for 100 CCU;

Application on Unity - WebGL

What could be the reason for this error? What am I doing wrong?



  • Tobias

    The TTL values won't work. They are set in milliseconds, so you need at least 5k or 10k and up.

    Maybe .. any of your client is closing the room for any reason?

    I don't see the reason why your server should close the room. It does so when the room is asked to send an excessive amount of data to any client.

  • CyborgTop
    edited November 2022

    Thanks for the answer.

    I don't have any logic or buttons to allow other clients to close the room independently. The room is open until the last client. Such is the logic.

    I understand correctly that the photon has a rule that closes the room if the data sent by any of the clients exceeds the limit?

    Where to configure it? How to see the number of data sent? Is it possible to disable it?

    I have characters with the components of PhotontransformView and Photonanimatorview (11 Layers and 11 Parameters).

  • CyborgTop
    edited December 2022

    OK. I found solution:

    Edit config file: GameServer.xml.config

    Increase parm: MaxPropertiesSizePerGame Allowed 10+ players to connect without problems.















  • Tobias

    Thanks for the update. Glad you identified the issue and could fix it.