Room disappear after 5-10min of creating room in PUN2

Hello guys, I am facing a strange issue, after 5-10min of creating a room roomlistupdate don't show any rooms while the room is still there with few players in it. how can I fix it?


  • Make sure you are using the lobby list updates as updates (not as replacement). A client which joins the lobby, should see the room. If there is no change for the room, the updates won't list this room again (they only send deltas).

    PUN 2 includes a small demo game "Asteroids". It shows how to handle room list updates.

  • Hello thank you for answering my question,

    Here is how I am updating Room List

    public override void OnRoomListUpdate(List<RoomInfo> roomList)
        Debug.Log("total number of rooms" +roomList.Count);
        foreach (Transform trans in roomListContent)
        for (int i = 0; i < roomList.Count; i++)
          if (roomList[i].RemovedFromList)
          Instantiate(roomListPrefab, roomListContent).GetComponent<RoomListItem>().SetUp(roomList[i]);

    client who joins the lobby with in the span of 5-10min of creating room is able to see and join the room. After a period of time it disappears. May be I am missing something please clarify.

    The Demo game asteroids is no longer available on unity asset store.