Custom Initiation Data

I'm trying to send and receive a string and and int of some Custom Initiation Data, but I can't seem to either send or receive either one. I have been trying for hours now but no luck, please help:

Send Script:

public string snakeName;

public float minZ;

void Start()
    snakeName = PlayerPrefs.GetString("urName");

    object[] myCustomInitData = new object[]
PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(, randomPoiition, Quaternion.identity, 0,       myCustomInitData);

Receive Script: 

private PhotonView view;

  public int id;

  public string snakeName;

  public void OnPhotonInstantiate(PhotonMessageInfo info)
    object[] instantiationData = info.photonView.InstantiationData;
    id = (int)instantiationData[0];
    snakeName = (string)instantiationData[1]; = snakeName;


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    I think the photonView.InstantiationData will be cleared (to avoid a memory leak) and you should access it asap. Implement OnPhotonInstantiate(PhotonMessageInfo info) (also defined by interface IPunInstantiateMagicCallback) and access it there.