Is it possible to integrate Quantum into an existing Unity project?

Hello, we are currently evaluating Quantum for use in our upcoming multiplayer mobile game. We have an existing Unity project which is currently entirely single player. We're looking to add multiplayer functionality to this project.

Is it possible to integrate Quantum into this existing Unity project in order to implement multiplayer (obviously reimplementing our gameplay code in a new quantum_code project), and if so is there any documentation on how to do this? Or in order to use Quantum do we always have to start with a new project using the Unity project template that comes with the Quantum SDK?


  • There is no singular answer to this. Yes, you could possibly integrate it but it may be more work than starting with a fresh project and bringing in bits and pieces to the Quantum project.

    Overall, Quantum can be considered a unique game engine, which uses Unity for input, audio and graphics. The complete simulation and logic is written for Quantum and needs to be deterministic.

    Fusion might be a somewhat better fit but in general, adding multiplayer later on is usually not working out great and a lot of work.