"Failed to parse Operation using protocol GpBinaryV18'


i try to send an rpc and get this error message:

"Failed to parse Operation using protocol GpBinaryV18 / encrypted: False. errorCode=-12, errorMsg: 'Failed to read value for key:'245', errorMsg:'Failed to read value for key:'4', errorMsg:'Wrong type of object'''. Data:{"vals":{"244":200},"req":253}, op/ev/resp code=253". Debug Info: {}

here are the parameters:

(bool clear, string name, byte[][] tileImages, bool bgIsImage, byte[] bgImage, Vector3 bgColor, byte[][] goalImages, Vector3 highlightColor, byte[] playerCardImage)

here is what is being sent:

 (true, "bob", new byte[5][], true, new byte[5], Vector3.one, new byte[5][], Vector3.one, new byte[6])


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    The first array in an array of arrays should not be null. Doing new byte[5][] creates 5 null arrays, so the operation fails to be serialized here.