Flash And Cloud - Breaking Changes

Tobias admin
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This update notice is for everyone using the Photon Cloud and the Flash Client libraries older than v3.0.1.0.

We refactored the Flash library and implemented several updates. Especially, the relatively new Loadbalancing (Cloud) features are now in a proper library and no longer mixed up with the demo.

To enable some of the features that were formerly impossible with Flash, we had to modify the server side as well.
As result, errors in the older clients are now becoming an issue.

We decided to update the Photon Cloud despite these breaking changes, as there is a workaround and a new library available as well - finally offering more of the Cloud's features.

What's broken: Room / Game Properties
Clients before v3.0.1.0 create rooms as invisible and being closed. This way, rooms are not listed in the lobby and can't be joined (not even randomly).

How to fix
In LoadBalancedPeer.as the method opCreateGame() creates it's game propeerties as
[code2=as3]gameProperties = GameProperties.createDefault();[/code2]

Due to a bug, the default gameProperties set IsVisible and IsOpen both to false.
Set both "well known" game properties to true in the lines below this code to fix this.

Alternatively, update to the latest Flash SDK.

Download the current SDK: