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Hi all,

I'm sorry if this been asked before.

Is there a way to integrate photon with any of the social frameworks like skiller, scoreloop, etc?

If so, how does one go about it? If we decided to build our own bespoke "social" stuff, how do we modify/customize photon? We're thinking of using photon cloud.

Just need a quick heads-up if it's all possible before tinkering with the SDK.

Thanks in advance


  • With Photon Cloud you can not modify the server side so you would handle it on the client side or a webservice (in case you use logins and accounts anyway for example).

    If you use the Private Photon Cloud where you run on dedicated resources etc, then doing it on the server side would be possible to integrate whatever you want in the server side (bases on the LoadBalancing instance which is part of the photon server sdk download)
  • Hi Dreamora,

    Thanks for the advice.

    It seems to me that I should be looking at photon server 1st instead of cloud. As it would give me more freedom.

  • As Photon does not implement accounts or other social features of it's own, we think it's relatively easy to integrate with other social networks or solutions.
    In the simplest implementation, you would use the network's libraries and implement them client side. User names, skills, scores, anything you get there could be passed on to Photon and other players.
    So far, you wouldn't have to modify the server logic.
    Photon does not offer matchmaking with friends, so some solution must be found for it. Photon uses room names to match, so if players can come up with a unique room name (GUID, playername A + playername B + timestamp, etc) you can match them externally and just join the room by name.
    If case Photon has to do the matchmaking you will finally have to modify the server logic. For that you will have to use the Photon Server SDK.
    If you want to persist some data in Photon or do custom server logic, you also need to use the Server SDK.
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