App gets freezing after a coming call while playing game!!


My Android Multiplayer game getting freezed in both own and guest device (no response when using control and shoot button, blink screen, then it will display black screen) after receiving/rejecting a call.

I tried all methods from the documentation but with no fruitful result. Problem remains the same on all devices. ☹️


  • Try the same with one of our demos from the package. Check if this reproduces the issue. If not, the problem is somewhere in how you use Unity.

    You should also check the logs.

    Which version are you using?

  • Photon Version: 2.40

    Unity Version: 2019.4.38f1

    The Application runs smoothly in all the devices. Even if I move it to the background for a moment and then again bring it to the foreground, then also it runs without freezing. Problem only occurs if a call is received/rejected during gameplay for both me and the guest player's phone.

  • Is it the same on all Android devices you tested? Which version of Android is it?

    And how do our demos behave in the same situation?

  • BOSE
    edited November 2022

    Yes. I tested the game on a couple of Samsung phones. One of the phone's Android version is 9 and another has Android Version 11. The guest player has a Xiaomi phone. I don't know the android version of that phone.

    The log doesn't show any specific error. Not tested the demo though.

    Here is the link to download the game:

  • Not tested the demo though.

    Please do.