Matchmaking fails for two players try to join at the same time.


Two stranger players click ready at the same time fails to join each other in a same room.


  • Ready button click
  • Establish connection with photon
  • Join default lobby
  • Try to JoinRandomRoom
  • On JoinRandomRoomFail
  • Create a new room
  • No player joins your room for 20 seconds, leave a room and match starts against AI

We have noticed that this flow is not working well if both players are 

  • In same physical space and click ready at the same time 
  • At distance, and a player with low latency clicks ready 1-2 seconds after a player with high latency 

According debug logs we have understood that, all photon network connection/events in the flow happen at the same time for both player, leads to no match making.

We have a new game with a very low CCU. We are looking for a flexible solution to which goes well with our 1 button click matchmaking. Any Suggestions ?


  • Tobias

    We don't have a solution for this very very low CCU scenario. It is very unlikely to happen in anything but test cases and maybe when you have two players next to each other trying to both join/create a room.

    If two players want to play together, you could offer an option which uses JoinOrCreateRoom(). Passing a room name (could be a brief character sequence which users can share), it does not matter who actually creates the room. Alternatively allow them to find a friend's room (so they need to know/share the other's userID).