Multiple levels as in the mmo



Is it possible to have multiple scenes at the same time? 

For example, I have a game that is a city and players can enter the interiors of these, my idea is that to save resources, the interior of each building is an independent scene, so there may be 2 players inside the building A, 5 players inside the building B and 3 players inside the building C, in addition, they may have the freedom to move between the entire city and the interiors of the buildings. It is as if it were an mmo. 

I have worked on a scene where all the players connect and once they are all ready, I can send them all to scene A, B and so on but I really don't know in this case what points to consider when keeping all the objects synchronized.



  • Tobias

    You can't really create MMOs with PUN (or at least it won't really help you do it).

    PUN 2 does not support having multiple scenes but if you just load additional content without PhotonViews in it, then PUN will also not mind you doing that.

    When you say players can enter buildings, then it makes sense that the new scene is essentially part of the "world". The positions of players in a building "make sense" to players outside and vice versa. It's just that you can't see the inside of a building when outside. You can possibly do this by loading additional scenes (instead of replacing an existing one).

    However, if there are NPCs and enemies in areas someone didn't load, then those network entities won't make sense to some users. In some user's world view, floors and walls will be missing where others have them (loaded)...

    We don't have an MMO solution right now. If at all, I would recommend using Fusion for all new projects. Join the Photon Discord server and use #general to try to get a discussion going about how to design this gameplay networking wise.

  • Geo

    Hey, thanks a lot for the insight love it.

    Could you tell me if there's a Load Balancing solution available for Fusion if you're running Authoritative headless instances of Fusion?


  • Tobias

    Fusion is using our Photon Cloud for matchmaking and load balancing the sessions. This is for organization and can be used as relay fallback, if you run Fusion in Host Mode but connections can't be direct.

    Aside from running Fusion in Host Mode (where one player runs a client and the server), you can also build dedicated server instances and could run them on dedicated machines (as needed).