Fusion BR200 Mobile Control

I'm trying to make a mobile control for the Battle Royale sample. At first I had bugs in the build because of the com.unity.multiplay library. Then I commented out the part of the code where these libraries are used (MultiplayManager.cs file) and the project is built on android. 

I used this guide to make mobile control:


Basically all worked well in unity editor with touch injection simulation and joystick, camera turns, jumping and shooting on UI button presses also worked. 

But unfortunately with the real android build the character seems to respond to input, but it only twitches in the direction of the direction and twitches when jumping, does not shoot, and I move my finger on the screen, the camera does not turn. 

I did a debug with Android Studio and I can say that my code doesn't work very well because I get the error "Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object" in the AgentInput.cs. Most likely the touchscreen is not found. 

In general the project runs well on android and if I optimize it minimally (remove smoke from menu, change URP settings to low) even the FPS is good

Can you please help with mobile control?