Chat Demo IOError on Compile

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I got an error on compile chat example:

PhotonChat created
PhotonCore 5.5.1 created
try to connect
Error #2044: IOErrorEvent non gestito:. text=Error #2035: Impossibile trovare l'URL.
got Photon Response: initialize!
actor1 got Photon Response: join! OK
type of event:_ joinPhotonEvent
actor1 got Photon Event: join!
=> actor who joined:1
=> 1 actors in room:1
[Fault] exception, information=TypeError: Error #1009: Impossibile accedere a una proprietà o a un metodo di un riferimento oggetto null.
type of event:_ close
!!!connection to server closed!!!

BUT if I try to run the precompiled example get from ZIP (on the same PC) all works fine.



  • It seems to break when it tries to resove our URL. I don't know why this could happen. Maybe we internally use an IP in the demo.

    Can you please try with a locally running Photon? URL localhost or with IP
    Make sure the Policy app is also running, if you test against a remote machine you setup yourself.
  • Where can I find "PhotonChat" ?
  • It's a sample in the Flash SDK. Unfortunately it's not in other SDKs.
    However: if you take a look at the Realtime Demo we have in almost all client SDKs, it's simple to add chat to it.
  • Thanks Tobias, See you all over the place, its wonderful to have active engineers. :)

    Can you tell me if there is an already developed package out there somewhere I could use as guidance. I am very new to both unity and photon, so, I am struggling with some of the most basic things right now.
  • Thanks!
    We try to make up the lack of samples by support ;)

    If you didn't already, take look at the documentation. There is a basic workflow described from connect over sending something to disconnect.
    Then there is the Realtime Demo which does not have game logic in it but sends across positional data. This can be extended easily, I'd say. But I wrote it, so...
    We also updated the Developer Network now. Let us know where exactly we could support you more, ok? We are going to write more anyways.
  • I would surely do anything you ask of me to assist in your documentation writing, possibly document the hurdles as I go, there are many. Much I can attribute to Unity however, the tasks at hand are such that I get stuck for a couple of days on each bump I run into.

    Please let me know where you might want me to post a new thread, I am not sure if this would be the place. I would gladly fill you in on some thoughts and questions I have now. :)
  • Feel free to open up a documentation feedback thread and collect there what you are looking for. You don't have to be super concrete or detailed. We don't want to keep you from getting forward on your topics. Just anything major you think is missing.
  • Can you please check the server logs and make sure it started, is running and loaded the "Policy" application correctly? In the logs (bin_win32_xp/logs/photon-instance*) you should find a line with "Adding Flash TCP listener on : 843". And in the policy log you should check if the security policy file content is logged.

    If all that is correct, you could also try to use the local machine's IP (either or the one you got in your network). Enter it in the photonsocketserver.xml and use it in your flash app.