How to share my desktop screen to other players inside the room using Photon server?

Hi everyone, I am creating a VR multiplayer game and I have a feature in the game which is let the player share and show their screen to other players inside the room, I have done the desktop screen displaying part which means I was able to spawn a screen and show my current PC desktop screen on it, but the problem right now is I'm not sure how to send so many lines of codes that contains my current PC screen date to other players through Photon server, I have tried using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate to spawn my screen, but the screen just shows white colour because it only spawns the object one time without showing any of my current PC screens and I totally understand this is because Instantiate only calls once, so I need to send other messages (the script that I link my current desktop screen to the screen display), and Photon.RPC isn't a suitable way for me to send a huge amount of data (PC desktop screen) over the time running, I want to solve the theory sides first before starting to prototype the script.

So my main question is - How to send a big amount of code to other players' scripts over the running time? If this question can be solved, then I will use this concept and send my current desktop screen in terms of capturing the data to other players inside the room!

Let me know if you guys have any ideas for this situation above, thanks in advance and really appreciate that you read the question until here, wish you all a wonderful day ahead!


  • Screensharing is kind of the same as Video streaming. You don't send individual characters but just a stream of all the pixels an app shows.

    You need some solution to grab the screen, turn it into a compressed video stream and that is something you could send via Photon (but please, not via RPCs).

    We provide a solution for this in early access but only for Industries Circle members.

  • Hi Tobias, seems like we got to pay the access to test the Photon Video Broadcast stream, because my project is still in development phase, so if I want to launch it one day, I will consider with the Photon services, thank you!