Photon not working in office network.


I am using photon for my unity POC application. It's working fine in home wi-fi. But when I try from my office Wi-fi it's not working. From the debug I understand that it's kept trying for a few minutes and I got server timed out error.

Kindly please help me to solve this issue.

Note: I can access my dashboard or forum from my office network.


  • The game uses a different type of connection than the browser / dashboard. Also, it does work (initially), so it's more a problem with stability and or some network entity trying to protect you from something.

    You could check the "Alternative Ports". Sometimes they help. Check if the routers or someone on your office network setup DoS protection in the routers.

    You may be sending a lot, so you could also try one of our demos instead. If that works well, it's likely about the amount/size of messages you send.

  • Hi Tobias,

    Thanks for the reply,

    Yes, In my office they use firewall to block the unauthorized access. The app was working, when the IT support team gave me open internet access (temporarily) for my device.

    Now I have to give the IT support team exact URL for the photon engine SDK, which my app is accessing from the back-end, So they will unblock the website for all the device we have in office.

    Thanks in advance.

  • This sounds as if you need to join the Photon Industries Circle for proper licensing (if you didn't yet). With it, all connections can be made via one top level domain and it's easy to unblock for IT departments.

    In doubt, mail us what your current situation is now: [email protected]