My VR game crashed when sending RPC messages to other players

Hi guys, I am creating a Whiteboard that allows all the players inside the room to draw and interact, which means everyone can see and edit the same thing in one piece of the whiteboard. And my theory tells me that I need to connect the whiteboard script to RPC, so RPC can help me to send the messages to every player in the room, but my game crashed when other players draw on the whiteboard, I think it's because of there are too many messages I guess haha. Here are the scripts:

Void Update() - Call the RPC for the Whiteboard drawing method

Void Draw() - Whiteboard Drawing

What do you guys think about why my game crashed when the RPC is sent to other players? Is it because

the method too complicated? Or should I actually use another way to update the Whiteboard texture and send it to another player through RPC? Looking forward to all your replies, thanks in advance!