Collision over PhotonNetwork doesn't work while moving

Hi, I have a scene where are different balls that bounces between 2 players. It works perfectly in the single player version, but in the multiplayer version(made with Photon PUN), collisions between players and balls do not work properly while the player is moving, sometimes the collision behaves abnormally, other times it is completely ignored.

This only happens to non-master clients, so I thought it was a latency issue and I minimized it, but there has been no change.

I also tried to transfer the ownership of the ball to the player who was about to touch it, it seemed to work, but the constant change weighs too much and makes everything very unstable.

Could you help me in any way?

Thank you very much.


  • I will be brief on this one as it's been discussed a lot of times: PUN is not really good with physics.

    Physics update objects 60+ times per second while PUN does 10 updates and they take several ms to arrive on the other side. There is no attempt made to correct the physical world and if you do, objects will be put at the same place and violently "explode".

    The best and about only tip I can give you: Use Fusion or Quantum (prefferable for mobile games with physics).