Application on Quest2 get stuck

Hello, I'm quite new to Photon.

I'm developing an application with Meta Avatars and hand tracking to grab and move some objetcs (without controllers), starting from this Unity Asset

My big problem is that sometimes, in a totally random way, the Android application running on the Quest get stuck: the camera freeze, as well as any other objetcs in the scene.

Unfortutately this happen in a very random way: sometimes after a few minutes with a single player, sometimes for a new player entering in the room, sometimes for a new player after a few seconds, etc...

Furthermore I don't get any error in the console when it stuck (I'm using a my custom OVR Logger to show any message), and CPU, GPU, Memory, etc usage are perfects (I'm always checking them with Oculus "OVR Metrics Tool")

I did many test to try to debug this issue, and it was happening with just two players (Meta Avatars) with a couple of cubes to grab, in an empty space.

It's really weird, because sometimes it never happen, other time it happen every single minute.

If I remove Photon at all, it work perfectly (at least for my last 10000 test :)

So, maybe someone can point me to the right direction to try to understand what's going on?

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Freeze means nothing on screen gets updated?

    There is known bug in PUN that can cause this, so this need some debugging. If you remove PUN, you likely remove a lot of other stuff as well, so I don't know if this is conclusive.

    You should be able to attach the profiler to the Q2 from Unity. I would do that and check if it shows something blocking for a long time.

    I don't know if OVR Metrics would pick this up.

  • Yes, freeze means that nothing get updated (if there's a moving object, for example, it stop to move) and the camera get stuck (when you rotate your head the scene on the Quest does not update).

    I'll try to attach the profiler to the Q2 from Unity.

    • Do you think that could be a Unity issue too (I'm using Unity 2022.x) ?
    • Maybe using Fusion in place of Photon could solve the issue?
  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    edited October 2022

    Photon is the name of several products we create and run. You mean replacing it with PUN, I guess? I wouldn't do that. Fusion absolutely runs on the Quest 2 (we have internal demos and the Dragonhunter VR demo in the Asset Store), which run fine.

    2022.x is not a beta, so it should work but it's also not an LTS version. We've seen all kinds of issues and would usually prefer LTS version. You could search for "Unity 2022.1 Quest 2 freeze" and similar topics to judge if it's an issue others had.

    You can check out the Dragonhunter VR Demo built with the same Editor version and then an LTS one.

    If Dragonhunter VR has the same issues built with 2022.1, let us know!

    If you didn't update Fusion in a while, it could help to update.