Photon Chat - Playfab Auth - Player Names


Hi there,

My configuration is quite basic:

Photon Chat, configured with a custom Auth linked to Playfab.

I'm connecting to Chat as required with the playfabId as Chat username and token retrieved from Playfab. Everything's fine there. On Playfab side, all my users have a unique displayName.

My question / suggestion request is as follows:

What is the best/simplest way to use Playfab display names in chat.

I got one idea: quite spammy:

  • first option: Use a 'hided' Channel to broadcast to everyone, with everyone automatically registered to this channel, everytime a new users logged-in, he broadcast his Nickname in a 'request' and every other player connected broadcast back their Nicknames as 'response'. So everyone can build a PlayfabId <-> Nickname match to be able to display properly the Chat with Nicknames instead of PlayfabIds.
  • second option: Quite same idea, but with everyone asking Playfab the DisplayName of the newcomer Chat user.

Does this sound silly? Is there a simplest way to achieve this?


  • Tobias

    Display Names are not supported by Chat at the moment. We probably should add it but there is no ETA for this.

    Yes, you could in theory spend a channel on broadcasting the values but joining clients would not know the old values and you'd have to send them over and over, which is scaling badly.

    A lookup on PlayFab may be an option, if needs be. Here you will cause a lot of lookup requests and I don't know if that causes costs for you.