Checking collisions


So I have been mucking about with this all week trying to get rid of bugs for the online multiplayer for a mobile game I am developing ( King of Crokinole)

It is basically a two player game, where I use collisions (rigidbodies) to trigger a scoring mechanism and based on the position on teh board a score is changed (or not)

So when a collision occurs and a certain velocity is reached it should trigger a scoring mechanism.

Now the collisions work in the sense that the discs interact with each other , but I have placed some logs and the scoring doesn't seem to trigger... at least not when collisions happen between opposing discs.

Strange thing however, is that once "the creator" gets his turn and moves ...the score does get applied ... I have tried transfering ownership , used ismine and ismasterclient in various ways , as well as refactoring the code a bunch of times

This is basically the behavior I am getting ... watch teh blue discs and the score on teh upper right .

Once the yellow disc taps the blue one out , the score should immediately jump to "10" for that disc ...but instead it stays at "15", until the other player moves a blue disc again:

But for some reason it won't budge ... the annoying thing is that this is one of the last major bugs that needs to be resolved (it always seem to be teh last ones that hurt teh most)

ANyway if someone has made a similar game or has some experience with collision detection & triggering via (on trigger stay) over the network, then please chip in !!!

Thanks in advance for the time and effort !!!