AR Foundation and PUN2 Revisited.


I have a fairly simple - multi-scene Unity app that has Avatar Players using PUN2.

I move around the scene - turn left and right,..... and using _

Unity Editor/Native Builds - Perfect

WebGL - Close to Perfect.

AR Foundation Using a AR Phone: - Works ok if you don't move the player too much and too quickly.

If I move the avatar too quickly or too fast or Two players move at the same time the IOS or just after a few minutes the AR phone crashes with Errors like the following:

  • In Thread Queue com.metal.CompleteQueueDispatch -CF Release
  • In CoreFoundation - we get a EXC_Breakpoint - (no breakpoints are in use).

When I do not use photon - the AR system works fine but I need Avatars.

Any Suggestions would help because I have no idea what this error is trying to tell me.


Herb Rush


  • Sounds like a bug report you need to send to the AR Foundation team or Unity.

    There is no known issue where PUN causes crashes in unrelated code paths.

    I can't really help here. Maybe you try another version? Another Unity Editor version, too?