How to make -Regions list- showing the latency, so player can choose from them?

we are making a multiplayer game and we want to implement a list that shows all regions available with their PING, so player can select by himself in realtime

how to make that, do we have a function to get all available regions with their latency in real time

or any demo to help

Thank you


  • @JohnTube

    can u help please

  • Please be patient and don't tag users. It's not necessary.

    The simplest approach is to implement OnRegionListReceived and show the results when PUN connected you to a region. Then disconnect and reconnect to the user-selected region if needs be.

  • Hey thank you

    can you show an example of how to use OnRegionListReceived to show regions with their pings

    in just a text or any simple thing

  • The doc I linked above is currently the only doc I can offer, sorry. When the best region pining is done, the RegionHandler has the list of regions and their pings (unless it took a shortcut and only pinged the previously used best region).