(SharedMode) DisconnectException

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Hello, I'm a new Fusion user, coming from years of using PUN2, using SharedMode.

The scenario I'm trying to understand is when the player hits a connect button, and cancels the connection attempt *before it succeeds/fails.* So in PUN, I was able to Disconnect while waiting for the OnConnectedToMaster callback, which would cancel the connection attempt. In Fusion SharedMode I think the equivalent of PhotonNetwork.Disconnect() is Runner.Shutdown().

So the following code is working for my use case (adapted from BasicSpawner in the Fusion 101 tutorial), but I get 3 exceptions:

[Fusion] Fusion.Photon.Realtime.Async.DisconnectException

DisconnectException: DisconnectByClientLogic

[Fusion] Failed Operation with Reason: Ok

If this is the wrong approach, should use some kind of Task cancellation?

If this is a good approach, can I suppress/catch these errors somehow? Or are they utterly harmless?

private NetworkRunner _runner;

  public async void StartGame(GameMode mode)
    if (_runner == null)
    _runner = gameObject.AddComponent<NetworkRunner>();
    _runner.ProvideInput = true;

    await _runner.StartGame(new StartGameArgs()
      GameMode = mode,
      SessionName = "TestRoom",
      SceneManager = gameObject.AddComponent<NetworkSceneManagerDefault>()

  public void ForceShutdown()


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    did you find a soltion for this? I have the same problem.