Photon Fusion/Quantum Question

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out the best photon product to use for my game which is a virtual reality tennis game.

The game uses a mixture of Unity Physics and our own custom physics calculations. Unity is used for determining collisions between the ball and other surfaces (tennis court, tennis racket etc) and our own calculations are responsible for resolving these collisions and setting the new velocity of the ball. Our current multiplayer implementation uses Photon Pun. Each client simulates the tennis ball locally, so that the ball flight looks as smooth as possible. Whenever someone hits the ball, the necessary information is sent across the network via an RPC so that each client can continue simulating the ball locally.

This solution works quite well, but there can be some noticeable lag whenever a player hits the ball. Sometimes the ball can appear to go past a remote player, or through their racket before the hit RPC is received. This results in the ball kind of teleporting into the correct position before the simulation continues. It’s not terrible, but there is room for improvement!

I’m interested in finding out whether Photon Fusion or Photon Quantum offer any advantages in this regard. I realise that there is no way to eliminate network latency but one of these solutions could offer a better way to deal with it?