Network Error with Photon Fusion

I have recently started learning about Photon Fusion. First I downloaded ”Fusion 101 1.1.1 Build 33 ” and read the code while looking at the official site. Then I ran both the editor and the build to test it out. I successfully created a room with the editor as the host, but when I tried to join from the build side, it failed with a network error.

I then duplicated the project and tried it with two editors and it worked. Then I tried another sample project, "Fusion Tanknarok", and had the same problem on the build side. By the way, when I used PUN2 before, I was able to connect from the build side.

I could continue to develop the project as is, but I am concerned about this error as I plan to sell it in some store in the future.

Please help me if there is a solution to this problem.

Below is my development environment.

macOS Big Sur ver11.6 Mac mini (M2 , 2020)