Using Fusion for multiplayer ball game


I am pretty experienced in game dev, but not in working with networking frameworks.

These days, I am developing a multiplayer game that works pretty similar to tennis/ping-pong, in terms of the required performance and physics/sync requirements.

I have tried doing so with Photon Pun 2, however, the ball behaves very very weird.

I have tried editing the RigidbodyView & TransformView components, but it seems like it's the problem is bigger.

When I Googled it, it seemed that Pun 2 is actually not really built for this stuff, and that issue has no fix - but I have zero indication or reference as for Pun 2 abilities and performance.

In any case, when I looked on Fusion, it seemed to be a much better solution overall that may meet the needs of the game. I have also checked Quantom, and it seems that by the docs that it's really built for sport/physics-based games etc, but it will require me to work with ECS and presumably change all my implementation, and I'm really not interested in doing so.

One more thing to mention - besides the ball movement, the network will not have complex computations to calculate etc, the game is 1-1, and pretty lean.

Pls let me know your thoughts, any input would be highly appreciated.