RPC not being called on all objects? (Shared Mode)

Hello! I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, and its starting to feel like a bug.

I have 2 players spawned in shared mode. Each client controls their own player with input and state authority. All that is working fine.

Now I want to call an RPC on all players, from any other player. The client who presses "G" correctly gets logs from both spawned players, but the other client only receives the RPC on 1 of the spawned players, not both. I'm expecting all clients to receive it on all players.

I've attached an image of my example script.


  • I assume this is the same question that was asked in Discord? And the a fix was to get the current nightly build?

  • Hello! Correct. I was on nightly Build 555 which had issues sending RPC's

    Everything working now. Thanks for your help!