Photon server stopped working on secure connection.

My application was working fine on the secure connection, yesterday SSL certificate got expired, I re-issued the SSL certificate and deploy to the mentioned location in this doc (Secure WebSockets Setup | Photon Engine).

Photon server is working fine when the value of "Secure" is false in the file "Photon.Server.Config" file but when I am changing this value to true

and restart the photon server then it is not working. Please suggest what could be the reason for this error?

FYI: Getting following error in the log manager "384: 08:04:05.486 - Service shutting down: with Exception (1). Errorcode: 6"

Please check the log file in the attachment.


  • hi, @Rahul_Sh

    above message you provided there is message:

    1368: 08:04:05.428 - CService::OnException() - Exception: CCredentials::CreateCredentialsHandle() - No credentials are available in the security package

    so, question is how did you create/get your certificate?



  • Thanks for your response!!

    Regarding the "Certificate", I have taken this certificate from the my Linux server. It is a wild card certificate and already installed on the Linux. Please check the installed certificate details in the screenshot.

  • I have imported the certs into our Photon server Computer Cert Manager (certlm). There are 4 certs installed currently. 

    1. Wildcard Cert * (Signed Cert from SSL2BUY) This contains is X509 Certificate.

    2. AlphaSSL Root CA certificate 

    3. Localhost

    4. New AlphaSSL / Wildcard Intermediate certificate.

    All of these certs are also updated on our FrontEnd server running HTTP/Apache.

  • Hi @chvetsov , thanks for your suggestions. Issue has been resolved now. I have to import private key along with cert on the Window Server. Thanks a lot!!!

  • thank you for sharing