Photon voice 2 cross platform setup


I am currently developing an app to which you can connect from pc and vr(Oculus quest 2).

Photon transform view etc works well - pc player can see vr player and vice versa.

Problem is that voice is not working between vr and pc player.

If I turn two instances of pc version from same unity peoject than voice is ok.

I have two unity project separately - vr as target platform android and pc as target platform Windows.

I even tried to make a voice connection in-between two pc versions from different unity projects but that doesn't work as well.

Does anyone please has any idea how to proceed?

Is there any guideline on how to setup cross platform and cross project voice?




  • In case someone else wonders: Figured it out - noob mistake, it is not even worth mentioning :D. Someone might as well delete this...

  • I'm having the exact same problem. Could you please share how you solved it?

  • @pDogSeeksHeart I'd guess different AppID, different AppVersion or different room name...

  • @chuckyw This was what I thought at first, but the AppID for both Pun and Voice, App Version and Room Names are identical in both the PC and VR versions of the game. All networking features work exactly as they should EXCEPT for Photon Voice. It's unfortunate that OP found the solution but didn't leave it for others in the same situation...

  • @Vojtechr Any chance you could share how you solved this?

  • In case anyone else stumbles upon this issue, I was able to solve it by making sure both the VR version and PC version were on the exact same version of Photon Voice. It appears they were not, which is what was causing the issues. I updated both versions to Photon Voice 2 (Version 2.50) and that has solved my problems. If you get any errors when updating, make sure to read the 'changes-voice.txt' file in Assets > Photon > PhotonVoice.