hardware requirements in details

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I want to book server but i need to know hardware requirements such as RAM and CPU .

i was read hosting requirements in page

http://developer.exitgames.com/content/ ... sting.aspx

but this doesn't mention the hard ware requirements such as ram

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  • Kaiserludi
    It really depends on your game. Is your server just distributing events from the clients to the other clients or have you implemented own server logic with own operations? If it is the second, do you use expensive cqalculations like serverside physics or gamelogic? this would most likely increase your hardware power needs much more than Photon itself. In both cases, it of course depends on how much data your clients will send how often and to how many other clients.
    The best would be, to write a load test of clients, sending the same stuff via Photon, which your actual game clients would do, at the freuquency of actuual game clients, and then look, how much clients a certain server can handle.

    PS: Are you already looking for a live server or just a development one? As a development server will not have very much clients connecting to it, you could use quite a small server for development.
  • Gon
    first of all ,i want to thank you Kaiserludi for answer my question , really i need server to test game because am use local server,i need make sure if the game run smoothly in a remote server as i run on local server .