Photon Realtime "Performance Tips" Documentation Removed

edited August 2022 in DotNet

Within the past 24 hours significant portions of the "performance tips" doc appear to have been removed. For example, all references to ByteArraySlice are gone. I know this because I was in the middle of implementing it last night and today it's gone... Some sections are even half-removed (e.g. "Optimizing Traffic" is now just a title with no content).

This is what the page looks like now:

And here's what it used to look like:

Are these features being removed? Moved to a different section in the documentation?


  • Hi @Nobrega.

    No, this part of the page has not intentionally been removed. There might have been an issue with the last update of the doc that caused this, but I don't know any details.

    It seems to work correctly again, though.