Mix of network system can i use PUN with Dedicated server

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So i got idea of game its co-op rpg so P2P connection (photon Pun) work perfect for this game but here catch there will be places where players meet up to trade with each other like a hub i dont think its a good idea to us P2P to do that i was thing it so use dedicated server that just made to hold like 50 player per server thing is sense im not good at networking yet i wanted to know if it some what possible for using photon dedicated server and pun toghter or onther thing i thought about is to build P2P system somehow using photon server dont know how or even is possible

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    It is possible but would complicate matters. It might be better to leave PUN 2 behind in favor of Fusion, which is our state of the art networking solution. You can build both modes in it and simply always use a Host/Server.